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Reverend Dr. Eve Mugambi
I’m Eve Mugambi, a first born of six. I was born and raised in Kenya. I am Married to George Mugambi and blessed with two daughters – Marianne and Prudence. I relocated to the United States as an adult and completed both graduate and post-graduate education here in the USA. I’m a born-again Christian; Raised in the Methodist church by a Methodist Lay Speaker and a social worker mother and a police officer father.
My Faith
My faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God and the savior of the world is very important to me and it is the foundation of my Christian life. I believe he died for my sins as well as the sins of the world. His resurrection on the third day meant my victory over sin. I believe that he is the only way to the father and all who believe in him will not perish but will have
eternal life.
My Call
My salvation came to me strongly connected to my call. One day as my mother and I attended one of the spiritual conventions in Kenya while I was at age 12, a scripture from the book of Joshua was read (Joshua 1:9). The preacher narrated carefully the call of Joshua- how he was called to lead the children of Israel after Moses died. As I listened to this message my heart was being convicted strongly that God was actually calling me to lead his people. I felt strongly and undoubtedly this message was for me, where and how, I did not know. But I knew that time the message was for me.
By the time I was entering High school I did not know how to choose my career in the application forms they provided as one joined school. On the choices of what was given there was no pastoral ministry (pastor), but there was teaching so I selected teaching as my second option.
Things unfolded a little when one day as I embarked on my family chores of making sure that I had to fetch enough water from a stream that was about a half mile from my home. That day as I went down the to the stream and trying to fetch enough water before darkness, as it was in the evening, I remember filling in a bigger water jerrican that was too heavy for me. I was struggling to get it from the stream to place it on my head as was my mode of carrying water. While in this struggle I lifted up my head and there a man was standing by. He asked me whether he could help me. Of course, I said yes. He helped me by one, pouring the water to the weight I could carry, and two, helped me lift it to my head. So, this was really a turning point.
As I went home,I could not stop wondering what was going on? who is this man? why did he help? why was he so kind to do all this? In this culture adults never paid any attention to children, this one did, what was so different? The next thing, as I got home surprised and bewildered,I was very excited to share with my mother my experience that evening, and more so wanting her to answer all those questions I had. She did and what I said after, took her by surprise to say the least. After explaining that this man was one of our Methodist pastors, I wanted to know more about what that meant. Then I told my mother that, what he did is what I want to do in future – love people, help them, and just be able to let them know the love of God. After a little pause my mother said, can we talk about this after you finish High school? I said yes, but that’s what I want to do. This desire continued growing and being affirmed often and of course the rest is history. I’m here today.
This is my first call
it is my passion. I have enjoyed seeing people being transformed to love God. I have seen God changing lives and churches grow through the power of preaching the word of God. I have been given opportunities to choose what I really connected with and I have chosen pastoral office over those others. I know I love teaching but not as much as I love pastoral care and ministry. For example, when I finished my PhD program, I was faced with two big options that are dear to me -pastoral office or teaching in a seminary. I chose ministry. I’m more fulfilled when preaching the gospel of Christ. And seeing the positive changes it brings to people’s lives. I enjoy vibrant fellowships in the community of faith.
Pastoral care and counseling gives me joy
I enjoy sitting with a group, or a one on one, as we reason out issues and problems and find healing through resolving and understanding. In the middle of a conflict when we talk about it and there is relieve and healing that brings me joy.
Ministry in the church is my calling
And although I do not always rejoice in being sent to do things, I rejoice in obeying God’s call and mission of making disciples and transforming of God’s people for His kingdom. Is there anything exciting than to hope that one day God will say proudly about me “well done my faithful servant and daughter”. What is it in this world is better than those words from your heavenly father?
Building on the legacy of those who came before me
Reaching out and changing lives like mine was changed is important to me. Someone spoke the word of God with such great passion and  conviction, that’s how I got to know Christ and receive my call. Would I waste time without reaching to the world for people like me who are waiting to hear that word and hopefully receive their call? Someone was used to bring salvation to me, so I believe there are lives out there waiting for someone like me to speak the transforming word of God.
Jesus did the biggest part of dying for the world
Mine is just to let them know candidly and passionately that the love of God I have in me can be true for anyone. I preach the gospel with passion like there is nothing else left in me. For that is the highest calling God has given me and I can never take it lightly. So yes, I have joy when one soul heals and connects back to our father
in heaven.
Peace and blessing to you all,
Rev. Dr. Eve. Mugambi, PHD Pastoral care and counseling and congregational care
Pastor: Dr. Eve Mugambi
(Pastor Eve)
Leadership Council Chair: Harry Zell
Staff Parish Chair: Gary Anderson
Trustee Chair: Bill Price
Finance Chair: Mark Turner
 Secretary: Tricia Patmore
 Treasurer: Bob Walker
 Discipleship & Missions Chair:  Heather Shepherd
Lay Leader: Maddie McClure
At Large Member: Kirk Milburn
 At Large Member: Billie Fields
Adult Sunday School Teacher ‘Seekers’: Denise Wright
Middle/High School Sunday School Teacher: Becky McClure
 Sunday School Teacher: Dr. Taylor Riley


Did you know we are currently working on adding new ways to serve and connect in our ministry? If you have any idea’s or have an opportunity for us, please reach out to our Discipleship & Missions Council Chair, Heather Shepherd. Feel free to email her at h.shepherd07@gmail.com. Check out what we are currently working on below!

Cafe Space – Currently working on Phases to bring a wonderful place to sit down, pray, have fellowship, safe zone for teens.


Fitness Outreach at Parkwood


Our Sunday School is starting up again! We would love for your child to join us!


Centenary Workout Warriors Ministry – This is a free workout group we offer to give wellness to our community!


Pastoral Care Ministry – We have a dedicated team to be at your side for the good and bad. We will pray for you, visit you, and just help you in anyway we can.


Join us at a Service one Sunday! Worship time is 10:30a in person, it is also live streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

Sign up’s for small groups happening now in the Narthex! 
Church Event’s
Centenary Workout Warriors Ministry
Monday’s & Wednesday’s 6p – 7p
Come join us for some dance cardio! It’s FREE why not try it out?
We enjoy dance cardio, dumbbell weightlifting, chair routines, and floor routines.
Confirmation Class in 2023
We will begin a confirmation class in January of 2023 for ages 11 and up. Please consider signing up for this important part of growing in your faith journey. There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex.
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